Start a chapter!

  1. Send an email expressing your interest in starting a PEACE chapter to or to our facebook page. A time will be scheduled for a brief interview over the phone with the founder of PEACE. If the interview goes well then you’ll be added to a group chat of PEACE organizers.
  2. Start a Facebook page + PEACE group chat for your area if you are approved ♥️ !
  3. Social media !! We recommend also creating an Instagram & Twitter !
  4. Talk to your friends ! Invite people to join ✨
  5. Make an event ! Recommended first events are love demonstrations & sanctuary volunteer dates.
  6. Get materials ! Until we have PEACE materials ( we’re working on it we just don’t have the money yet ) contact Matthew Peta Braun on Facebook. Tell him you just started a PEACE chapter and request leaflets and posters( we will hopefully have our own posters soon). If you would rather reach out to other groups for materials then feel free to!
  7. Ask Cheyanne (the founder) for a banner and PEACE cards ! Banners are $35 ( not including shipping) and I can get 2000 cards for $35 ( not including shipping). These will be your two biggest expenses but they are necessary and worth it. VegFund might pay for this. It’s worth asking.
  8. Go for it!! Create events, tell others, encourage other leaders to open chapters ! ♥️ we are a love based group and we LOVE YOU!! If you ever have any questions then please ask the group chat or Cheyanne directly.


PEACE chapters will be mostly autonomous. As long as instructions set forth in this guide are followed, no permission needs to be requested in order to host love demos, vigils, sanctuary visits, etc.


If there is something you would like to do that isn’t in the guide then please contact Cheyanne Holliday on Facebook or ask in the group chat. She (I) will most likely say yes.


As of now ( this may change ) PEACE chapters will need to be funded regionally. We heavily recommend that each chapter sets up a GoFundMe. Chapters are not expensive

to run. The only expenses are ~ PEACE cards, posters, banners & perhaps tvs depending on how financially capable each chapter is.


Have any ideas for PEACE? Share them ! We’re open to change, hear feedback and incorporate others thoughts ♥️