Guide to Peace




Guide to PEACE



Promoting Equality, Acceptance and Compassion Everywhere

The goal of PEACE is stated simply above. We are a love-based group of humanitarian activists who aim to educate the public about all forms of exploitation, slavery and oppression, of both humans and non-humans, through methods we call Love Demonstrations.

What is a love demonstration?

Put simply, it is a demonstration of love. We show our love for animals (meaning humans and non-humans) in a variety of ways:

  1. Silent protests
  2. Liberation Demonstrations
  3. Vigils
  4. Marches
  5. Volunteering at sanctuaries
  6. Ways that have not yet been thought of/enacted

We will be going further into detail about how each of these are conducted later.

The purpose of this document is to inform PEACE volunteers and organizers of our procedures, expectations and values. We appreciate your participation in bringing about world peace.

Thank you

  1. Silent protests

Often, when people are yelled at, they shut down. A psychological defensive wall is put up and whatever you’re saying, regardless of how important it may be, isn’t heard. Until the Animal Rights movement has reached critical mass ( about 20% of the global population) then protests involving yelling aren’t the most effective. We do, however, acknowledge their importance and their participation in denormalizing extreme violence.

Due to this, protests held by PEACE are generally silent. We hold our protests similar to Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV). Protesters will be wearing ALL BLACK and standing in either a line or cube formation, depending on the situation. They will be holding laptops/tablets displaying graphic footage of animal abuse. Others will be holding signs with images of animals on them. The protest should look similar to this:


Ideally we would like to have at least 10 volunteers at these events. However, it is possible to hold them with smaller numbers. Generally, 5-6 people will be standing in a line and holding electronics/signs (these numbers are flexible and may change every event). They will all be wearing duct tape over their mouths for the duration of the event.


The purpose of the duct tape is to:

  1. Represent the animals. These individuals that we are showing have been silenced. They have a voice, but human beings have refused to listen. It is our turn to give our voice for them, and allow them to speak for themselves. The videos we show do exactly that.
  2. Ensure that the protest is silent and that nobody is tempted to speak while in line.
  3. Draw attention and provide a visual aesthetic. When bypassers see a row of people in all black wearing duct tape over their mouths then they are bound to question what is going on. This draws people in and allows them to see what PEACE is demonstrating.

If for any reason a protestor needs to step out of line then we ask them to please hold up a peace sign. The organizer of the event is responsible of monitoring the protesters and responding to them if needed. The organizer also shares the responsibility with the photographer of visual aesthetics. This includes (but is not limited to): making sure the signs/laptops are straight, replacing loose duct tape, arranging laptops/signs in a visually pleasing manner, fixing technical errors.


In front of each protestor we will have a picture of an animal who has died at a local vigil, along with a rose and an electric candle ( for fire safety reasons). This is an incredibly powerful aspect of the protest. Each protestor is standing for that particular animal that died in front of them. We aren’t allowing their deaths to go unnoticed.


To date, all silent love demonstrations held by PEACE have been at a mall (the Vancouver mall to be exact.) We aim to grow and hold love demos elsewhere, but we currently have a good relationship with mall security and excellent outreach potential. Every demo we reach out to hundreds of people, mainly those of younger generations.

An important aspect of PEACE demos is the fact that we are allowed to be there. This may not always be the case, but we want our demonstrations of love to be a low-risk activity that people feel safe participating in. Security coordinations are expected to be made before every demonstration to ensure the legality of the event.

* This may change over time *


Outreach is another critical part of PEACE’s love demonstrations. We need at least two people on outreach at every event. It is their job to approach people who seem curious and ask them if they have any questions. Outreachers will be equipped with PEACE cards and informational leaflets to hand out. Remember to remain calm, courteous, respectful and loving. We will respond to hatred with love each and every time. PEACE is non-violent is our actions, words and tone.

*organizers: you will be on outreach as well! Please make sure to balance your responsibilities and continuously check in on your protesters, they are your #1 priority. Update them on the time frequently, make sure they don’t need to step out, and switch laptops with signs if needed.*


At the end of each demo we will walk out of our location. During this process, we walk in a single-file line slowly. The organizer will lead the walk with a PEACE sign. Those on outreach will be on the outskirts of the walk, handing out information to those that witness us leaving.

* Note: make sure to ASK if someone wants a card/leaflet before giving it to them!! Otherwise, we are soliciting and that can get legally tricky.*


While leaving, if asked by security to go faster, then do so. We’re not here to cause problems and generally we’d like to remain on good terms with law enforcement.

However, for those holding screens, please point your electronics in the direction of people. Our goal here is to be seen and have our message clearly understood.

Once we have exited the building/area then protesters are allowed to remove the duct tape and well will debrief. At this time everyone is encouraged to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings. We will then all take a group picture ( group hugs are encouraged at this time).


If you’re an organizer, then make sure to collect all the materials brought and ensure that everyone has a ride home.

Ideally, there will be one silent love demonstration every two weeks

2) Liberation Demonstration

Liberation demonstrations are similar to Silent demonstrations with a few key difference.


Generally, Liberation Demonstrations take place inside of places that normalize and excuse violence, such as grocery stores.

At a Liberation Demonstration, Activists will walk to a precordinated destination with duct tape over their mouths and signs/laptops ready. The organizer will line up the activists and then monitor the situation.

It is essential that we have one person livestreaming the event while one person is on photography duty. Everyone else should either be in the line up or on outreach.

When security/management inevitably approaches then the organizer should act as the police liaison and confront them. They will most likely say something along the lines of, “This is private property. Please leave.” At the point try to stall for a moment.

You can say:

“Okay, well we aren’t disturbing anybody so is there a way we could stay here?”

“What about this demonstration allows us not to be here?”

“Are these direct orders from management?”

“Do you understand why we are here?”

“Do you have a designated free speech zone that we could go to?”

Once you have exhausted these avenues and have determined that it’s time to leave say: “Okay, well thanks for talking with me. We’ll wrap it up and be on our way out.”

Then turn around, make eye contact with your activists and motion for them to take off their duct tape, then hold up a peace sign.

Once everyone has their duct tape off, then you will all begin to sing the liberation song. (The lyrics for the song will be posted at the end of this section.)

Once you’re a couple verses through the song then begin to walk out, but try to take the long way out.

If management just isn’t having it an insists that you exit immediately, then follow their instructions.

The purpose of this demo is NOT to get arrested.

Once everyone is outside and the song has been concluded then head over to an area slightly away from the store and debrief.

Organizers, ask everyone what they felt went right and wrong. Make sure that everyone felt safe and take note of what can be improved for the next time.  


There is a second type of Liberation Demonstration that requires a bit more planning and resembles a flash mob.

Similar to all other PEACE events, activists will be wearing all black.

Everyone will gather at a designated location prior to the demonstration to brief and go over rules and procedure. This is also the time for the organizer to answer any questions or concerns.

Then, activists will take a piece of duct tape and put in on their thigh/article of clothing/whatever works for them, and head into a certain area of the store where the demo will begin soon. Activists will act as shoppers until cued. Once everyone is in place, they will text the group chat (created ahead of time) to state that they’re ready. Then, the organizer and the person live streaming will walk over to where the demo is about to take place. The organizer will clap three times and hold up a peace sign, then the activists will line up. During this time, signs and laptops that were previously hidden will be pulled out and activists will place duct tape over their own mouths.

This type of demo has an element of surprise to it and has the ability to catch people’s attention.

Everything else about the demo will be the same as the previous liberation demo.

Here are the links to the livestreams of three back to back Liberation Demonstrations performed by a small group of PEACE volunteers: 

Liberation Song lyrics:

I’m in pain

Living In misery

Won’t you do something about it?

Please do something about it.

You say I’m different

So you treat me lesser than

But you are so wrong about me

Yeah, you are so wrong about me

Because I’m like you

I feel pain, love, too

I’m you but in a different body

Yet there’s still life inside my body

Let me be free

Freedom from your tyranny

It’s all I’ve ever wanted

It’s all I’ve ever wanted


For the Animals


Because we are all animals

We’re all animals!

Go on be brave

Go out there make history

And bring justice to my life love

Bring justice to the lives lost

Cause every day

They will try to convince you

That humane murder is justified

But believe me, I don’t want to die

But I’m at your mercy

And you are the difference

Be the voices of the silenced

End the silence

Stop the violence

And organize


Speak up for the defenseless

Without you we’re defenseless


For the animals


Because we are all animals

We’re all animals!

Fear is what drives harmful behavior

Let love guide you towards justice on this day


Cause I want to be happy, safe and free

Just to be happy, safe and free everyday

Ooh yeahh


For the animals


Because we are all animals

We’re all animals!



We recently had a love demonstration at a Fred Meyers in Portland with Natasha and Luca, also known as ThatVeganCouple.


The original plan was to have everyone walk in with duct tape on their mouth holding signs and laptops. I led the demonstration ( without duct tape) while holding roses. We marched silently over to the meat sections, surrounded the dead bodies and silently mourned for the losses being overlooked.


I expected to be kicked out instantly. I told everyone that this would be a 10 minute demo, max. I was wrong. About 11 minutes in the manager finally approached us. She asked to speak to the person in charge and I approached her. She asked if it would “be okay” if we were to leave because we were “disrupting the business.”


I asked her if there was anything we could do to stay, as we were being silent. I insisted that I would like to know if there is something we were doing in particular that we needed to change in order to stay.

Frazzled, she walked away to call her boss.

About 8 or so minutes later she returned and asked me how long we planned to stay.

Quite frankly, I did not expect my rebuttal to work. At all. But it did.

She told me she would appreciate it if we were to leave soon as some customers were saying that they didn’t want to return to that section of the store ( that’s the point).

I told her we wouldn’t stay longer than an hour and would wrap up soon.


A couple minutes passed before we moved to an area of higher foot traffic. I led the group to the front of the store where we stood along a wall behind the checkout counters. Everybody could see us.

We remained here for a few minutes before I signaled for everyone to tape off their duct tape by putting up a peace sign.

Then. I began singing “we want to free the animals”

Everyone joined us.


Somberly, we sung this line over and over before walking out of the store.

The video of this event is below.

It was the largest love demo we have had to date.


And here is an article written about it 

3)  Vigils

To date, PEACE has only co-organized one vigil with the Save Movement.

Vigils are when we go to slaughterhouses and bear witness to the animals being tortured and killed. Admittedly, these events are difficult to attend, but they are nonetheless important. In the future, PEACE aims to hold frequent vigils.

Similar to all other PEACE events, please wear ALL BLACK when coming to a vigil, as you are essentially attending a funeral. The tone of this event is somber. We are trying to give love and compassion to these individuals moments before their demise.

Remember that we are a love-based group, and when flipped off and told to eat meat we will respond with a peace sign and a smile. We are always non-violent in our actions, words and tone. Understand that most people are coming from a place of pure ignorance and societal conditioning. It’s our job to break down that conditioning and show them the truth. 


4) Marches

So far, PEACE has co-organized two marches: a march for love and a march against fur.


Marches are not the primary action plan of PEACE, but we will continue to have them periodically.


PEACE was also present at the March For Our Lives in 2018. PEACE is focused on the oppression of all and we stand as an intersectional group. Showing a PEACE presence in events such as these is essential for our movement. At this event, PEACE was able to make it onto several news stations and actually ended up at the very front of the march.


5) Sanctuaries!

PEACE generally volunteers at a sanctuary once a week!

When that’s not possible, then we try to have volunteer days at least once a month!


Sanctuaries are a great place for vegans and non-vegans alike! Activism can be depressing if you’re only focusing on death and sadness all the time. Visiting sanctuaries can be incredibly uplifting and a much needed relief- Especially for activists! Often we only pay attention to the animals suffering and that can be deeply saddening. Volunteering at sanctuaries can help provide a sense of purpose and joy for what we do. It shows us exactly who we are fighting for and why we do what we do.

For non-vegans, sanctuaries can be helpful in getting them to make the connection! Most people have never even met a real cow or pig before so they have an incredibly strong disconnection between the “food” on their plate and the living animal it once was.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from previous PEACE sanctuary visits:







How To Start A PEACE Chapter !!!

  1. Contact Cheyanne Holliday for a brief interview ! ( it’s just a phone call where we chat a bit ). If the interview goes well then you’ll be added to a group chat of PEACE organizers.
  2. Start a Facebook page + PEACE group chat if you are approved ♥️ !
  3. Social media !! We recommend also creating an Instagram & Twitter !
  4. Talk to your friends ! Invite people to join ✨
  5. Make an event ! Recommended first events are love demonstrations & sanctuary volunteer dates.
  6. Get materials ! Until we have PEACE materials ( we’re working on it we just don’t have the money yet ) contact Matthew Peta Braun on Facebook. Tell him you just started a PEACE chapter and request leaflets and posters( we will hopefully have our own posters soon). If you would rather reach out to other groups for materials then feel free to!
  7. Ask Cheyanne for a banner and PEACE cards ! Banners are $35 ( not including shipping) and I can get 2000 cards for $35 ( not including shipping). These will be your two biggest expenses but they are necessary and worth it. VegFund might pay for this. It’s worth asking.
  8. Go for it!! Create events, tell others, encourage other leaders to open chapters ! ♥️ we are a love based group and we LOVE YOU!! If you ever have any questions then please ask the group chat or Cheyanne directly.

PEACE chapters will be mostly autonomous. As long as instructions set forth in this guide are followed, no permission needs to be requested in order to host love demos, vigils, sanctuary visits, etc.

If there is something you would like to do that isn’t in the guide then please contact Cheyanne Holliday on Facebook. She (I) will most likely say yes.

As of now ( this may change ) PEACE chapters will need to be funded regionally. We heavily recommend that each chapter sets up a GoFundMe. Chapters are not expensive to run. The only expenses are ~ PEACE cards, posters, banners & perhaps tvs depending on how financially capable each chapter is.

Have any ideas for PEACE? Share them ! We’re open to change, hear feedback and incorporate others thoughts ♥️

The Future of PEACE

I ( Cheyanne) have an incredible vision for this organization.

I would like us to be an international, intersectional group of powerful activists.

I plan to open PEACE sanctuaries that serve as a place of refuge for humans and non-humans alike. Once a sustainable farm has been built, a team from PEACE will seek out human and non-human animals in need. We will allow the homeless to have a place to stay: a place to call home. All we ask is that they help take care of the non-human animals in our facility. We will be serving all animals on the farm plant-based meals and we will have a garden that the people living there will tend to.

There will be some sanctuaries specifically built for families, others as detox houses and many will be built for people escaping abusive situations in need of a safe place to call home.

We love all and we will welcome all.



As quickly as I possibly can I would like to have a professional PEACE website up and running. However, I’d like this website to serve as a new social media network that resembles facebook in a way, but is specifically for vegans/ veg-curious people. Often when people go vegan they feel isolated, confused and alone. This website serves to connect all vegans and encourage them to become activists and speak up for the animals. Every member will be notified of local activist groups in their area ( as long as said activist groups make a page for themselves on the site). They will also have access to local vegan restaurants/stores and sanctuaries! We’ll also send each member a daily encouragement to boost morale.


Once PEACE has the monetary funds and resources to do so, we will be lobbying our congressmen, senators and state legislators for complete animal liberation. We are an abolitionist movement, meaning that we want to abolish all slavery and end the animal holocaust through love-based methods of compassion and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is key to this movement. We must forgive ourselves and others for ignorance. We aren’t here to live in the past. We are here to move forward towards a bright and loving future for ALL.


With that said: Prison reform!!

Our prisons are modern day human slavery, and most people in our prisons don’t even deserve to be there. PEACE aims to promote drastic changes to take place within our prisons. We cannot expect people to behave when they are put in literal cages, treated like the animals we kill and then set up to fail.

This will be far down the road with PEACE. A more detailed description will be available when the time comes.


Education programs!

PEACE will be creating comprehensive presentations that focus on plant-based meals, ethics and global health. These presentations will be given to at all educational institutes: from middle school to college. During this process, we will also be encouraging schools to go vegan as well.

University of PEACE!

One of our ultimate goals is to open a university in which we teach an honest and affordable curriculum to all who would like to learn. We will ideally have classes on activism, animal rights, human rights, women’s studies, consciousness, meditation, yoga, philosophy, holistic medicine, botany, veterinarian courses, literature, arts, creative writing, herbology, alchemy, wicca, paganism, biopantheism, buddhism, hinduism, christianity, taoism, sustainable living, veganic agriculture, law, political science, international relations, intensive animal care, crystals, plant-based nutrition, astrology, physics and our hidden history, to name a few.

There will be a sanctuary on site.

Classes will most likely happen in block settings. This means that you take one class per month in order to fully digest the subject before moving onto another topic.

More information will unveil itself as this organization unfolds.


Political campaigns

While lobbying is great and all, we can only do so much if the same people are in power. We will be moving towards training PEACE members about politics, international relations and diplomatic methods of negotiation. We will then be campaigning for certain members to run for state and federal positions. We need our people in power in able to make long-lasting change.


Once we have the funding and ability to do so, PEACE will be opening up free (or by donation) medical clinics for both humans and non-humans. In areas where free health care isn’t an option, PEACE would like to offer our help in promoting the health and wellbeing of all people.


*this document is a WORK IN PROGRESS!*